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Dear CUORE Friends,

Thanks for visiting Cuore’s Team Shop portal. If you have been informed by your team that your shop is open, you can access it by selecting it from the drop down and entering the password. 

Like the rest of the world we are living day by day and trying to do our part to promote safe practices and positive ways to navigate through these times. Seeing the racing season, Olympics and other events disappear is sad for the sporting world, but also shows us how the world’s safety and recovery is so much more important in these times. 

At CUORE, we want to share that we are here to help you with any product or any custom needs. We’re open and operational. We are in this together and will be here as we move through these challenging times.

Take care of yourself and those close to you, and let’s all do our best to ensure the health of everyone around us.

Should you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at



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